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Welcome to the Mendocino County Water Agency

     Our mission is to protect and develop the water resources of Mendocino County and to ensure that an adequate quantity and quality of water is available to meet present and future needs of our County. The Agency may also provide, to the extent deemed feasible or economical, protection from the disposition of storm and floodwaters, sufficient to protect life and property.



In an effort to bring water conservation and pollution prevention solutions to Mendocino County, the Mendocino County Water Agency was awarded a grant from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County to install Rain Gardens in Ukiah Valley schools.  The Mendocino County Office of Education (MCOE) is one of the recipients of the Rain Garden Project at their River Community School.  South Valley High School in Ukiah is the other campus where hands-on rainwater catchment and gardening curricula are being taught.

 Rainwater harvest and rain gardens have become very popular across the country as a way to collect water from roofed structures for storage and use on landscapes.  An added benefit of redirecting water into a garden is the filtration of pollutants before they enter the storm drains and pollute creeks, rivers, and the ocean.

 Joe Scriven and Rebecca Kress have joined forces to create a curriculum that teaches students the purpose of pure black chicken & a rain garden; how to identify, calculate, and prepare a proper location; what materials are needed; how to test the soil; which plants are best; and the construction of the rain catchment system.

Raingarden at MCOE

USGS Gauges:

     The Mendocino County Water Agency would like to extend our gratitude to CAMPBELL TIMBERLAND MANAGEMENT LLC,  the CITY OF FORT BRAGG, and the MENDOCINO REDWOOD COMPANY for co-sponsoring the USGS gauges located on the Noyo River near Fort Bragg, and on the Navarro River near Navarro. We would also like to acknowledge the North Gualala Water District for the new stream gauge that has been established on the Gualala River. 

     These gauges are critical for confirming adequate water for agricultural use, watershed analysis, and monitoring fishery flows. They are very costly to maintain, and without the help of co-sponsors the gauges would have to be discontinued, depriving Mendocino County of this valuable information resource.

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Precipitation and Water Storage Levels at Lake Mendocino: 

Water Year 2009 - 2010 (Oct 1 thru Sept 30):

rainfall average and current
 Data revised 4/23/10. For information on data site go HERE

        Data revised 4/23/10. Resource for averages
. Info for current data is HERE

water drop



     Put plastic bottles in your toilet tank. To cut down on water waste, put an inch or two of sand or pebbles inside each of two plastic bottles to weigh them down. fill them with water and put them in your toilet tank, safely away from operating mechanisms. In an average home, the bottles may displace and save ten or more gallons of water a day.. For more tips on water conservation

'Save Our Streams' Campaign : 

     The installation of our new billboard (shown above with the Mendocino County Water Agency's Hydrologist, Dennis Slota) kicks off the 'Save Our Streams' Campaign, which will address all aspects of water awareness from stormwater protection to water conservation.

Water Haulers:

     The Mendocino County Water Agency has compiled a list of State licensed water haulers, who would be willing to haul water to Mendocino County. The rates and criteria vary depending on the circumstance, so it will be necessary to talk directly to the water hauler. Click here to see full list





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Link to My Water Quality To access California water quality data


February 3, 2010 - County to Receive Funding for North Coast Energy Independence Program


     The Mendocino County Water Agency is a water resources agency involved in hydrological planning, stream restoration, stormwater education, and water conservation public outreach.

     For information or questions regarding your water service, please contact your local water district. To get the contact information and summer water rationing status for your water district:



Eel Russian River Commission: 

     The Water Agency is the home office of the Secretary for the Eel Russian River Commission (ERRC). Anyone seeking information regarding the ERRC can contact our office at 707-463-4589. For further information go to the Eel Russian River Commission page on this website.

"Only when the well is dry do we know the true value of water."

                                           Benjamin Franklin 

Ordinance Amending Chapter 7.10 to the Mendocnio County Code Entitled "Emergency Water Conservation" 

     An  introduction and adoption of Chapter 7.10 amending Section 7.10.030 to suspend the 50% mandatory rationing and reporting previously required under the original ordinance, was approved by the Board of Supervisors on November 10, 2009. In the event the storage in the Lake Mendocino Reservoir drops to 30,000 acre feet on or before January 31, 2010, then the 50% percent water conservation mandate will be reinstated through a further amendment to this ordinance. During the time period, all Mendocino County users of the Lake Mendocino water supply, which is defined as "water held in storage for eventual release or directly diverted from Lake Mendocino", are requested to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 20 percent.              To read full document

General Manager's Report:

     The Water Agency's General Manager's Report is now up for March. To view go here.

A to Z List:

     An article found in the Ukiah High School newspaper Ukialite, gives an "A to Z list of easy ways for everyone to save the environment." This literary ingenuity, written by Lindsay Davey, Andie Eaton, Theresa Ladao, and Cassandra Starkey, has some great ideas....and is fun to read!!! To see full article GO HERE

New MCWA Hours:

     Due to the County financial shortfall, the Mendocino County Water Agency will be closed on selective Fridays. If you will be visiting our office on a Friday, please call to make sure that our doors are open. Monday - Thursday, our hours are 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.






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